Mothering Sunday

To celebrate Mothering Sunday, Mark and Nic took Nic’s mum, Jan, and I (the two grandparents-to-be) out to lunch.

We had a a delicious meal but more importantly, in-depth discussions about important topics

1. What are Jan and I to be called when the babies arrive?

After much deliberation we have decided that Jan will be be gran, granny or grandma, and I will be nan or nana – so glad to get that one sorted out! It’s a whole new identity for us!

2. What are Mark and Nic to be called? Mark quite fancies being Pops and the jury is still out over the mum/mam debate for Nic.

3. What will the babies wear? Jan and I have had strict instructions about no over- the-top frills if there are any girls. Oh well, I shall keep knitting in neutral colours for the next two weeks, until the next scan.

4. Baby names – no strong preferences yet, but plenty of time for that!

My mother named my eldest brother “Peter”, as it was her favourite name. She had also called her dog Peter, so the family joke is that my brother is named after the dog! I suggested to Mark and Nic that they could name a boy child after my dog, Otis, but that went down like lead balloon!

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