New beginnings

Five weeks ago, my middle son, Mark and his parter Nic called round to see me with some exciting news. They announced that I am going to be a grandma later this year – they showed me the 12 week scan pictures and to my surprise and delight, I could see there were two babies! Yes, they are expecting twins – non-identical.

I am so pleased and excited for them that I feel I could burst. Consequently, I am telling everyone I see about my news, including the lady behind the till in the Co-op, the man at the petrol station, all my family, friends and work colleagues, and now I am writing my first ever Blog!

I thought a blog would be a good way of capturing the events, emotions and feelings along the way so that I can look back in years to come and remember just how special this turning point in our lives has been.

At present, I am doing a lot of knitting in silver-grey coloured wool. Mark and Nic are not big fans of blue and pink cardigans, even if we knew the genders of the babies…..but that bit of news will come at the next scan. For now, we are pleased to know that as far as is possible to tell, all appears to be well with the babies and we are thankful for that.

In the meantime, I am wondering what I will be called? – granny? gran? nana? nan? Or something completely different! I have Googled the options, but to be honest, they all feel a little bit strange just now.

I also know that things have changed enormously since I had my three sons – my friends have given me the low-down and I certainly have some research to do to get up to speed with modern life. Apparently, baby powder is frowned upon, toys need to be non gender specific, and feeding requires a degree in nutrition and food hygiene – how did my own sons ever make it to adulthood, I wonder?

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