20 week scan appointment

On Tuesday, Nic had her 20 week scan at James Cook Hospital.

The wonderful news is that there is a boy and a girl, both of equal size and doing fine.

We are all absolutely thrilled and I am planning my next knitting project.

Nic is starting to think about getting some nursery furniture – making practical arrangements.

It is all starting to feel so real for us and the weeks are flying by.

Mark is just so pleased with the prospect of becoming a Pop/Dad/Papa, whatever….still to be decided…..

And the babies are now become real little people with genders.

The hospital experience on Tuesday, however left a lot to be desired. The appointment was for 13.20 hours and they emerged at 17.30, over 4 hours later having had a 20 minute scan and a 15 minute consultation. Mark and Nic were left wondering whether or not the hospital actually has capacity to offer them care.

Mark commented that it was a good thing the car park machine was broken, otherwise it would have cost them £7 to park!

How disappointing for them that they should feel so frustrated and lacking in confidence in the hospital.

I trained as a nurse in 1979 and have worked in the NHS for many years – it’s embarrassing to see such poor service. Mark and Nic had to each take the whole afternoon off work – they couldn’t believe the delays and inefficiency at every stage. Just when they thought they could leave, they waited 40 minutes to pick up 14 vitamin tablets from the hospital pharmacy!

Never mind, at least they have brilliant news to focus on rather than the poor people who are having to contend with illness and bad news.

Mothering Sunday

To celebrate Mothering Sunday, Mark and Nic took Nic’s mum, Jan, and I (the two grandparents-to-be) out to lunch.

We had a a delicious meal but more importantly, in-depth discussions about important topics

1. What are Jan and I to be called when the babies arrive?

After much deliberation we have decided that Jan will be be gran, granny or grandma, and I will be nan or nana – so glad to get that one sorted out! It’s a whole new identity for us!

2. What are Mark and Nic to be called? Mark quite fancies being Pops and the jury is still out over the mum/mam debate for Nic.

3. What will the babies wear? Jan and I have had strict instructions about no over- the-top frills if there are any girls. Oh well, I shall keep knitting in neutral colours for the next two weeks, until the next scan.

4. Baby names – no strong preferences yet, but plenty of time for that!

My mother named my eldest brother “Peter”, as it was her favourite name. She had also called her dog Peter, so the family joke is that my brother is named after the dog! I suggested to Mark and Nic that they could name a boy child after my dog, Otis, but that went down like lead balloon!

Rocking chair

I received a message from Nic today – she is looking for a rocking chair for their bedroom.

Nic and Mark are in the process of preparing their house ready for the new arrivals and I can tell they are excited about becoming parents. I have offered to help with jobs such as painting and decorating as I am just as excited as they are!

I try to imagine what it will be like for them, feeding twins in the middle of the night, changing nappies and then settling the babies back to sleep. Yes, a rocking chair is a good idea – they will need all the help they can get!

New beginnings

Five weeks ago, my middle son, Mark and his parter Nic called round to see me with some exciting news. They announced that I am going to be a grandma later this year – they showed me the 12 week scan pictures and to my surprise and delight, I could see there were two babies! Yes, they are expecting twins – non-identical.

I am so pleased and excited for them that I feel I could burst. Consequently, I am telling everyone I see about my news, including the lady behind the till in the Co-op, the man at the petrol station, all my family, friends and work colleagues, and now I am writing my first ever Blog!

I thought a blog would be a good way of capturing the events, emotions and feelings along the way so that I can look back in years to come and remember just how special this turning point in our lives has been.

At present, I am doing a lot of knitting in silver-grey coloured wool. Mark and Nic are not big fans of blue and pink cardigans, even if we knew the genders of the babies…..but that bit of news will come at the next scan. For now, we are pleased to know that as far as is possible to tell, all appears to be well with the babies and we are thankful for that.

In the meantime, I am wondering what I will be called? – granny? gran? nana? nan? Or something completely different! I have Googled the options, but to be honest, they all feel a little bit strange just now.

I also know that things have changed enormously since I had my three sons – my friends have given me the low-down and I certainly have some research to do to get up to speed with modern life. Apparently, baby powder is frowned upon, toys need to be non gender specific, and feeding requires a degree in nutrition and food hygiene – how did my own sons ever make it to adulthood, I wonder?